“So when the Midianite merchants came by, his brothers pulled Joseph up out of the cistern and sold him for twenty shekels of silver to the Ishmaelites, who took him to Egypt.” – Genesis 37:28

 Joseph had every reason to seek revenge on his brothers, who – fueled by jealous rage – sold him (their father’s favorite son) to slave traders. But through divine providence, Joseph rose in power and prestige to become Pharaoh’s right-hand man. Years after his brothers’ betrayal, Joseph came face-to face with them, who had come to seek Pharaoh’s help during a life-threatening famine. After listening to their plight, Joseph chose mercy over mayhem and the family was reunited and held in high-esteem throughout Egypt. They prospered and multiplied, but within about two generations after Joseph’s death, the Jews found themselves in bondage to the Egyptians, the very people who had welcomed them out of Canaan.

“Just as the Hebrews were slaves, the people of California are enslaved to the rhetoric of crazy laws,” said Pastor Jim Domen, Executive Director of Church United. And – as recent history has [unfortunately] shown – as California goes, so goes the nation. Over the past few years, other states have imported many of the Golden State laws such as same-sex marriage, open restroom access to transgenders, bans on reparative therapy treatment, and pro-gay curriculum for children as young as kindergarten.

Over the past 8 years, the pattern of executive orders has demonstrated that sexual “civil” rights should trump constitutionally protected religious rights. This mindset is unapologetically stated by Obama EEOC appointee, Chai Feldblum: “There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win …”

But hope is on the horizon as President-elect, Donald J. Trump has been supportive of restoring religious liberties. Inauguration Day is less than a month away, Trump will take the reigns and his team will begin navigating our nation through a new era.

Remarkably, through a series of divine providences bestowed upon us, Church United has received tickets to the Jan. 20 Inauguration festivities – in addition to other related Washington, D.C. events. We have also been blessed with the use of a friend’s private apartment during our stay. During a time when hotel rooms are going for $1,000 per night – with four-night minimums – to say this is a blessing would be an understatement.

How does this happen?

“Church United just continues to be a voice into the culture and affecting national policy,” said Domen, who has spent years building statewide and national contacts with those espousing biblical worldviews. “All of this is helping us return to our godly, spiritual heritage. We continue to be involved on the national level, as well as equipping our state’s pastors about our forgotten spiritual legacy.”

We hope that this journey to our godly, spiritual heritage will gain more traction, thanks to the team that our soon-to-be-President is assembling. It is encouraging to consider Trump’s recent nominations to his Cabinet and Staff; these individuals have proven to share the values espoused by Church United.

  • Vice President – Former Indiana Governor, Mike Pence. Having been an evangelical Christian since college, Pence has also served in the U.S. Congress, been a staunch pro-lifer, and supports traditional marriage.
  • CIA Chief – Mike Pompeo. Also an evangelical, this Congressman and Army Veteran is a seasoned pro-life advocate, having voted to defund Planned Parenthood. In doing so, the Kansas Republican called the organization the “largest commercial provider of abortions in the United States.”
  • Attorney General Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions. As an active churchgoer, Sessions has made headlines for his staunch defense of life and traditional marriage. He also opposes stem-cell research.
  • Energy Secretary Former Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Perry ran for president – in both 2012 and 2016 – on a platform that showcased his strong Christian faith. He opposes abortion and stem-cell research, although his position on euthanasia is not clear.
  • Housing and Urban Development Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson. Also open about his faith and the practice of prayer, the former presidential candidate opposes abortion and has publicly criticized Planned Parenthood. He has also publicly opposed physician-assisted suicide. Much of his beliefs and religious influences were revealed in his book, Gifted Hands.
  • Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. A Republican and long-time education reformer, DeVos and her husband, Dick, are champions of open competition by supporting school choice, voucher programs, and ties to the Reformed Christian community. As a product of private schools, DeVos is also an advocate for homeschooling. Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, the Devoses have also supported the Heritage Foundation and Focus on the Family.

To see a more in-depth list, visit http://www.lifezette.com/faithzette.

We are eager to see the long-term impact of elevating such godly individuals to cabinet positions with the potential of global influence. So, while we will enjoy the celebration surrounding the Jan. 20 Inauguration, we can’t revel in this change in leadership for too long. There is much to be done as we diligently work to influence culture, particularly here in California.

Next month we will share more about our vision for 2017, including a Moral Compass Community Survey that pastors will be using to poll their congregations to better understand what the church body believes and how to preach to the areas of societal concern through a biblical lens. Church United will also be sharing individual stories of California pastors who are committed to changing culture.

We thank you for your support in helping to make the vision of Church United a reality. Great things are on the horizon!

Lori Arnold, Writer

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