Senate Bill 1146 was passed in 2016 with most of the harmful language removed because the Church United. Church United is preparing for what the 2017 legislative year will bring and how the Church will respond. This is an example of Church United! I’d love to share with you the vision, goals, immeasurable impact and how God is guiding Church United.

Vision: To see the Church United to change the culture.

Vision Explained: To change and shape the moral culture of our communities in California. The strategy is to equip pastors as culture-changers by sending them to Washington, D.C. and Sacramento, California for annual. These events have and are building a network with those pastors to provide resources throughout the year.

Mission: To respond to the spiritual problems threatening our communities today.

Church United is inviting vetted pastors of influence in regions across the state of California to attend the D.C. and Sacramento events, and then selecting key pastors to receive scholarships for both conferences.

The results from the Washington, D.C. conferences have been amazingly profound! Pastors are bringing other pastors with them, sharing their transformational experiences, and then activating other pastors and their congregations ten-fold.

Getting pastors to D.C. is the igniting catalyst! A scholarship to send a pastor (or pastors) to D.C. and Sacramento will provide more than just attendance at the annual events – it will also provide the opportunity for pastors to attend related regional and monthly meetings with me. One of my roles as a pastor is to build and develop ongoing relationships with these pastors of influence statewide. Through these friendships, I am able to host regular meetings to stoke the fire that began in D.C. and Sacramento to help facilitate cultural change.

After the conferences, California pastors will also attend regional briefings where they can reconnect their pastoral relationships, recruit other pastors from their area, follow other influential regional pastors, and become equipped with the knowledge of what is happening with current events.

2017 Conference Measurable Goals:

The Conferences focus on the spiritual heritage of our country and our state with nationally-known speakers and elected officials (e.g., U.S. Senators, Representatives, and California Senators and Assemblymen) who fear the Lord and vote a biblical worldview.

  • 150 California Pastors to Washington, D.C.  4-day Conference
  • 200 California Pastors to Sacramento, CA  2-day Conference

10 Regional Briefings:

Regional briefings are regional events to connect and build pastor relationships. They educate pastors on cultural issues (e.g., policy, legal, biblical talking points, etc.) and how to preach boldly from the pulpit, engage their congregations, and activate the body of Christ.

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • San Jose
  • Central Valley
  • Inland Empire
  • Los Angeles County (South Bay, South Central, and San Gabriel Corridor)
  • Orange County (North County, South County, and San Diego)

Church United is seeking to raise funds in 2016-2017 to scholarship over 350 pastors and bring about cultural change in California. Church United needs your help to facilitate revival in our churches and awakening in California’s culture. There are many examples of when the Church United and the Body of Christ helped create good policies, stopped bad legislation, and intervened to do what was right.

Thank you for being part of the movement!

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